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Jewelry is usually for adornment. Jewelry sometimes does double duty - like medic alert bracelets. What about personal protection? Joomi Lim has got wicked spiked cuffs your self defense instructor never told you about. Put these on and the pepper spray in your handbag and you're all set to go down some dark alley. Wait, team it with last year's killer diamond ring and you'll have a formidable pair, plus the spray!

No? Well, they might just enhance your rocker chick look! Or wear it as PMS jewelry. You'll be guaranteed extra personal space! Lots and lots of it.....

The cuffs are available in gold or silverVia
Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. Ha ha, good one, Pearl. PMS Jewelry? That could be the inspiration for a whole new line!
    "Oh, oh, better avoid Mom today - did you see what she's wearing?" "Don't argue with Linda today - she's wearing the spiked collar!"
    Thanks for making my morning.

  2. The second one is a neat twist on the usual design, nice find!

  3. Wow - wear THESE to a club and wonder why no one asks you to dance with them!
    Kathy :O)

  4. These WOULD come in handy at a party - you could go up to the finger food table, and load up olives and cheese cubes on the spikes freeing you up from holding a plate.

  5. Kathy - you are a riot! I just burst out laughing at the mental image of finger foods on the spikes!!

  6. Not for the faint of heart... or the CLUMSY! Love the finger food and pms jewellery ideas (LOL)!!!

  7. Pearl,

    Another fantastic post and super guys crack me up with all the images you conjured up...definitely "food for thought"...LOL

  8. I, myself did a spit take, now coffee is all over my keyboard, love the finger food idea, I could definitely see it in a movie scene about some bad azz chick dressed in all black leather at a party hanging around the food table and picking up tidbits...definitely some "food for thought"!!!


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