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Make Your Own Glass Bubble and Tile Pendants

Making your own glass bubble or tile pendants is really easy. Actually so easy, it is suitable for children. Glue is involved so adult supervision is advisable!

The special glue  - Diamond Glass or DG3 - is non-toxic. It's a fast project but allow for drying time. You can use your own or purchased artwork or a cutout from a photo.

There are a number of free classic glass tile pendant tutorials so I shall pick a few whose authors offer different tips. The pretty daisy pendant on the right is from The Hybrid Chick's glass tile pendant tutorial (no longer available) which I found clearly written and laid out. She uses an exacto knife to cut the paper on a cutting mat.

Beads Online has the classic tutorial (no longer available) for this popular pendant style. They used two bails, one of which is a rather unusual twig shape. This design is a refreshing change from the popular ball chains you see with these tiles.

Lazy Daisy Glass has a great tip on her tutorial for making your own "view finder" out of cardboard to help you select the part of the pretty paper or photo you want for the tile. She also illustrated 2 different types of bails which are not the same as the pendant finding in the bubble charm tutorial below.

I particularly like John Golden's video because he uses metal pendant blanks for his glass tile pendants. There are also ring blanks available. He also shows how to use special paper punches and a neat tip with a paper clip as an improvised tool! The type of glaze used here is a safer alternative to resin but is not quite as durable. If you are keen to find out more about resin though, check out my past post, Bubble Trouble in Resin Jewelry Making.

This super glass bubble charm tutorial is by Missyne on It's inexpensive, easy and fun to do.

You do need a different type of pendant finding - she calls them bail plates. The metal part of the bail plates cover the entire back of the bubble glass cabochons. These inexpensive glass cabochons can be bought from craft stores like Michaels. I've seen them selling by the bag for under $10. Note she prefers the imperfections of this kind of glass because it adds to the look of her pieces. But if you are fussy, you can purchase good quality clear ones.

You're not limited to jewelry items either. Use a large jump ring and you have something to adorn a bag or backpack. Instead of the pendant finding, you could try gluing onto a magnet for customized fridge art.

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  1. Great post Pearl! Funny, I was actually going to do some of these pendants a year or so ago. Got all set to buy the supplies and in a moment realized, do I really need another jewelry technique to learn? And have even more supplies laying around? hehe

    So I decided against it at the time, but I do love the simplicity of them.

    BTW-Having committed to blogging 14 days of hearts and love....I have an even better appreciation for your everyday blog posts. It's not easy to come up with a posting for everyday. :-)


  2. Blog posting is another creative challenge - one which I enjoy very much!

  3. I love these Pearl and the fact that they are non-toxic is a plus. I always thought this would be toxic - learn something new everyday (which is why I read your blog!).

  4. It's the resin sort which needs ventilation.

  5. Love these pendants...I've thought of giving them a try...who knows maybe some day!!!

  6. Great tutorial...just fyi I have all of these items in my etsy shop: and have some great crystal!

  7. Thank you for sharing! I sell digital collage sheets for scrapbooking and jewelry making but I never know how to make them.


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