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An eclectic leather cord necklace

I still have the leather and cotton cord fringe necklaces I made when I first came across Dana James' marvelous tutorial. Judi saw it at a beading party and was inspired to have a go at making her own colorful version. As you can see, this design lets you use up all sorts of odd beads!

As the beads chosen and the lengths of leather cord vary, necklaces will also tend to be unique to the beader.  You can see the two different versions I came up with in this past post.

Beader Design #: 590

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  1. This design offers great options. I love the use-up-all-the-leftovers as much as your version with similar beads in different colors.

  2. Great piece and as said before the options are endless. I've been working at using what I have on hand as much as possible lately. Good design for that.


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