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Hanging Jewelry Bags to Help You Organize and Find Your Jewelry Easily

This post was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a very good friend over a cup of tea. Or more accurately, a cup of tea AND chocolate brownies!

She was lamenting on how she is so rushed in the morning, she struggles to find the right jewelry to put on. It sounded so familiar because until recently, I was doing what she did - dumping out the zip lock bags from my jewelry baskets and rooting around.

I had reorganized my modest jewelry collection into a hanging jewelry bag, one with loads of clear plastic compartments. It now hangs in my closet making it easy to pick the right jewelry to coordinate with the outfit of the day. But alas, I got mine as a special hostess gift from Mary Kay cosmetics. They don't carry it anymore.

So I promised my friend I would research similar products for her! There are several all along the same line as my own. My favorite are the ones from Heys International because they are also travel sized. They do a regular one shown above and left as well as an eco version made from recycled plastic bottles.

Need lots of pockets?  Try the Household Essentials 01943 Ultra 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer from Amazon.

Prefer a black version?  Then there is the smaller Hanging Jewelry Organizer Black 37 Pockets Organizer also from Amazon.

Or the chocolate colored one with gold trim? Closet Complete 87065 Chocolate Collection 82-Pocket Multi-Size Hanging Jewelry Organizer, Brown with Gold Trim

If you find plastic revolting then, the softer Household Essentials 80-Pocket Cotton Canvas Jewelry Organizer might work better.

Mind if you are a jeweler hoarder, you'll need more than one of these. Right?

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  1. These are so good to the jewelry too, keeps them protected so the pieces are not crashing into each other scratching and scraping.

  2. Very good organisers but having checked the prices I think I will make my own. Besides I will need more organiser as I have (finally) started many more jewellery for myself.

    I have made so many designs that I have actually stored them away in cardboard boxes with freeze bags! And yes, it is very frustrating trying to figure out where a design is, tipping out boxes especially when I am in a hurry!!!

    Good idea, I will go with the DIY tutorials. Thanks for sharing Pearl.

  3. I purchased this type of jewelry bag and just love it.

  4. OK, here is my version of a hanging jewelry organizer: three ropes/cords, nailed to the wall horizontally with six nails. Top rope holds earrings, center rope bracelets, bottom rope necklaces. You can hang matching pieces in vertical rows to find them easily. Cheap and easy and also a nice wall decoration! :-)

  5. After trying several options, I have found that it is essential to have zips if you are going to travel. It is so easy to just grab the whole bag and go. I have bought a few of these from Steinmarts at around $20.

  6. I'm actually drooling over these... Probably because of that 'organization fantasy' of mine! I might just HAVE to have some of the 'eco' ones... since it wouldn't have to be pretty... one for my jewellery and one for supplies maybe. And, I just searched out and bought 'traveling display' sorta cases for jewellery - but I think this would have been better (shoot!). Sure like the idea of preventing tarnish with those with good 'seals' too. I've seen nice ones on The shopping channel (Canada)... I think they were Joan Rivers, and probably expensive... but nice! Off I go now to Amazon... Pearl you are just leading me from one post/site to another today! :-) Thanks again for awesome info and ideas!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the HEYS travel organiser. I can't find one that I can buy from here in Australia though :(


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