Shrinky Dinks
I like to take pictures especially when on holiday. I'm not a great photographer by any means but taking pictures of whatever catches my fancy is another way to express my creativity.  But they were just languishing on my computer. So I have to admit I did rush off to Michael's as soon as I read this fun tutorial from Photojojo. Finally! A use for all those pictures.

Shrinky dinks is the plastic material you draw on and then shrink in the oven. You can also use photographic images if you buy inkjet-printable shrink plastic also known as "biaxially oriented thermoplastic polystyrene". Shown above from my shop, is my specially lightweight non-tarnish Sunset pendant necklace with hand made bail, coil ends and clasp in aluminum. Below is my Monet's Garden digital art earrings which are modified photographs.

The technique is relatively easy and you can make all sorts of unique necklace pendants, earrings, fridge magnets - even zipper pulls. It's a fun project to do with the younger set. Mind, it's not always that easy as you can see from the disaster below. They do not always shrink down evenly which makes for lopsided pieces or they get stuck in a curled position!

Black and White photo bracelet
Instead of using shrinky dinks, you could just print off the photos and attach them to a backing like a scrabble tile or even cardboard.  You'll need to seal the photos and to be able to somehow punch holes to attach jump rings.  The HowTo gal wrote this tutorial for the black and white photo bracelet she made her mother for Christmas.

The first part of her tutorial is on the Photoshop process - how to use TTV (through the view finder) images to deliberately give the photos a subtle texture. Worth a visit if you'd like to learn a bit more about Photoshop.

Memory Frame Pendant necklace
The tutorial on Shinylittlethings might appeal to those who prefer a framed look to their photo "tiles".  This one is not waterproof.

Photographs behind glass and/or glaze
Also check my past post on how to make your own bubble and glass tile pendants as well as the one on how to make soldered and non-soldered glass pendants where you can sandwich the image between two pieces of glass. The how to make custom photo charm jewelry on HubPages is excellent. If you are using the water soluble glues like Diamond Glaze, don't print out photos or images with ink jet printers - the inks will run. Trust me, I found out the hard way!

The Auntie's Beads video is an excellent tutorial on all sorts of picture frame pendants including photographs.

Resin Jewelry
Another alternative is resin jewelry making to embed and protect photographs. Check out my past post on this technique. A recent find is this resin jewelry photo tutorial by Maire Loughran.

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