Chain maille is a labor intensive technique so earrings are super to make if you prefer fast projects. If you've never done chain maille before but wish to have a go, some of these tutorials will help you get started. It's useful to know if you like opening and closing rings and working in a 3D environment. Some may help you explore other weaves if you've never done them before.

Megan LaCore on Cut out and keep has this great Rhumba earrings tutorial which you can make using different colored seed beads. This is an easy one for beginners.

I love Andrew Telesca's tutorial called the Beaded Chain Maille Cluster Earrings. This how to uses the European 4-1 weave.

Then there's Karla of Auntie's Beads video tutorial which is another simple how to.

I'm also cross referencing Emily of For the Love of Bead's Christmas tree and holiday wreath tutorial (from my past post on Christmas tree designs) here as it is an example of Japanese style chain maille. It's never too early to get started - right? Alternatively, you could do the triangular design in non-festive colors and omit the small rings.  Place it upside down and add a dangle for a funky pair.

For simple Byzantine earrings, just do lengths and leave them as is or add a bead dangle below. Or group the lengths in different ways. Check out my past Byzantine weave tutorial for the instructions.

Marilyn Gardiner has several pretty and easy chain maille tutorials. First up are her Japanese flower earrings.

 Learn how to do a mobius with her tutorial on this cluster technique.

Her double spiral tutorial is a different take on the cluster technique.

Her flat mesh earring tutorial is a different take on the European 4 in 1 weave.

This colorful easy ladder like chain maille earrings tutorial comes from the Jewelry Making Daily site. The aptly named Roller-Girl earrings was designed by Sara Richardson. (update : tutorial link no longer available).

Another rainbow approach is the easy chain maille tutorial by Lena of SFBeads

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