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Square tile mother of pearl beads make a lovely change

I like tile beads. They make a good change from round beads. Sue thought so too at a beading party. So she took up the challenge of using these large mother of pearl tiles in iridescent brown in her jewelry set. She decided to space them out with long cigar shaped black beads. The darker beads certainly helped make the lighter tiles stand out more.

The square tiles also made her matching earrings truly unique. They are really lovelier in real life. My photographs don't do the pieces justice. The shiny tiles were difficult to photograph.

Beader design # 591-592

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  1. Loved reading all your stuff! Great Job!


  2. I like the choices Sue made, which beads to use as the main and complimentary beads. Pretty stuff!

  3. It's a perfect design and really highlights the shell tiles.


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