Baby Inspirations
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Babies don't remain small and cute forever so some parents like to keep a memento of their children from when they were tiny - lock of baby hair, favorite book or perhaps have their little baby shoes bronzed.

But baby teeth? Jewelry artisan Kim Kovel has cornered that market with her gilded baby teeth jewelry "Le Knockout" collection. Shown on the right is her cluster teeth earrings.

Her tooth charms came about when her son lost the first of his baby teeth. She cast it in gold and wore it around her neck. People noticed and the rest is history.

This Oregon based artisan also donates 100% of the sale of one of her handcrafted charms in the Charm School Program to benefit selected schools with their arts programs - often the first thing cut in tight school board budgets. A worthy cause indeed.

What do babies think about this? Mum's the word.....

I wouldn't insist on an opinion either!

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