Have you seen Avatar, the movie by James "Titanic" Cameron yet? If you haven't do go and watch it in 3D. True, the plot is rather simple - in fact if you read this humorous post, the film synopsis is virtually interchangeable with that of Disney's Pocahontas. But it is a worthy spectacle, a view shared by many. No wonder the film has now outstripped Titanic as the largest grossing movie ever and is set to win some major Academy Awards.

Many people were moved by how the Na'vi - the blue skinned people who inhabit Pandora - live in harmony with nature. Did you also notice the awesome earthy tribal jewelry the Na'vi wore? Both the males and females wore necklaces, arm bands, forehead pieces, bracelets and hair adornments. Well, a number of artisans did and have been inspired to come up with their own versions. Below are some of the movie's inspirational jewelry featuring a range of  techniques.

 First up are my own Na'vi people earrings made with beads and wire, recently uploaded to my store. They aren't 10 foot high like the Na'vi in the movie but a more manageable 1 3/4" long! They are fun and they articulate too!

Krystal Tyrrell of Blended on Etsy made the knotted necklace below based on Neytiri's (the heroine) as shown above.

Neytiri also sported feather jewelry in the movie as shown above. The design below is by Toltec Goddess on Etsy entitled Neytiri Avatar leather feather necklace.

Alsu and Elena on Elena Jewelry Design on Etsy has this amazing bead work necklace called Home Tree at Night. Some of the most beautiful scenes from the movie featured the luminescent sacred tree of the Na'vi.

Serena whose shop Serena's Gifts has this awesome beaded necklace. She was inspired by the tree necklace worn by Neytiri's mother Mo'at. via

Dawn of Giggles and Grin on Etsy has a scrabble tile pendant with an Avatar inspired altered tree design.

Magicaldreams67124 on Etsy has a pair of Avatar inspired earrings in polymer clay.

Bigdamnshiny on Etsy has several film bottlecap pendants. Here is their Jake Sully (hero) pendant.

Island Girlz Jewelry's scrabble tile charm bracelet also features both the characteristic blue of the Avatar characters and the tribal features.

Here is the extended movie trailer if you haven't seen it already for what this movie is about or want to enjoy some highlights again if you have.

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