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Bring on the Bling! Awesome Swarovski Flower BraceletTutorial

Tuscon in February has got to be the center of the universe for beadaholics. Imagine a whole city filled with bead shows!  Not all of us can go but one person who did was Kristin St Clair. She participated in the Crystallized Swarovski Elements workshop and learned how to make this utterly gorgeous Secret Garden Bracelet.

Thanks to modern technology, she was quick to write up and include her step-by step photos in her post appropriately called Make It! Live from Tuscon on the Martha Stewart site (link no longer available). It's not too difficult to figure out how it is done. The basic techniques include beaded twisted wire work, some coiling to create the bracelet base and wiring in all the components as you would a wreath. This is one of the best crystal tutorials I have seen in a long time! Highly recommended for those looking for super statement pieces. You could also consider converting the bracelet to a necklace by adding chain on either side.

On the left is another bead flower tutorial if you want a variation. (link no longer available).

Also check out my past post for 3 awesome bead and wire flower tutorials.
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  1. OMG that bracelet is awesome! I LOVE the colors and concept of it! Wow. Thanks for the tuts too! I've got it on my list to things I want to learn -flowers.

  2. Liz asked via email "How do you find out what size, color, and shape crystals were used in this project?". Here was my reply :

    Well, The only way to know for sure is to take the same workshop as she did. You can follow the links on her original post which should take you to the designer and originator of the workshop.

    However, I don't think it should stop you from experimenting on your own to come up with a version that is uniquely yours. Use her step by step as an inspirational guide.

    What I suggest is for you go to an online supplier like Fire Mountain Gems, Rio Grande or Art Beads and look at their Swarovksi crystal selections - that should give you a range of shape, size and color possibilities. You want side drilled beads like briolettes for the main flowers. Crystal sizes will depend on how big you wish your bracelet to be - you can make it smaller than shown. Pick colors YOU like.

    If you are worried about cost, I recommend you get ordinary crystals first to play with. Wire work always needs loads of practice.

  3. Love the look of the finished bracelet. Bling indeed.

  4. Oh wow, this makes my heart beat faster and my mouth turn into a smile! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :)

  5. The designer of this piece is Val Hirata. Her website link is An option if you are interested in recreating this piece would be to contact Val. I'll bet she will sell you a kit, which might be much easier than sourcing all the individual crystals. Check out all the other goodies on her website, too...this lady is an amazing designer -- her pieces have won design awards and she has been featured in a number of books.
    Sparkles and smiles, Diane

  6. Hi Beading Gem!
    thankyou for posting kristin's blog on my Secret Garden bracelet! this has truly been an exciting adventure for me and I love designing with CRYSTALLIZED-Swarovski Elements.

    for all of you out there, try making your version of this bracelet and use your mix of beads I'd love to see it.

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  8. Nice bracelet...

  9. The bracelet looks really gorgeous, and you're definitely right, this can be a great necklace as well if you want to.

  10. This website is completely useless. WHERE is the tutorial?

  11. Hi s austin,

    Alas this post is now over 4 years old so the original link has vanished. 4 years is prehistoric in internet terms.

    Please use the picture as inspirational and play around your components. Also check my wire jewelry tips section (in the free tutorials section at the top of the blog) to find wire wrapped bangle tutorials to inspire you for the base.

    Hope this helps.


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