Judging from the response to yesterday's tool certificate giveaway, most people do want more tools. As Crankypants puts it, "Just what I need, more tools! I don't see how you can ever have too many." But when you start to accumulate them, what are you going to do with them all? Worktable space is prime real estate.

Debbie and I have to have portable tool caddies because we make jewelry at home and instruct at our workshops. But tool caddies are more than just a convenient carry case. They organize our tools so we know where they are and that will save us time. There is nothing more unproductive than looking for things.

 Even if you usually create in one spot, it helps to have the tools grouped tidily so you have more space. When I am at my work table, my tool caddy (shown above) is actually on a chair to my right. I also bring my tool caddy upstairs from my basement workshop when I need a change of scenery.

Debbie has a different style tool caddy (below). Both ours are bought from a craft store and a hardware store. There are many styles to choose from.

We also have tool aprons during busy workshops to save time. The workshop room is long as you can see from this past post about the Cole Harbor Heritage Farm Museum's Rose and Kettle Tea room where we teach. So it saves us trekking back to where our main tool caddies are.

But if you aren't into workshops, you could still have a fabric apron...for your chair!! Check out this clever chair caddy video tutorial by Brittany Beattie. This will save you some worktable space for sure.

I also found this great tool apron tutorial by Colleen from the Magic Bean blog (link no longer available) if you wish to sew yourself one rather than buy. Via

Desk Organizers
Desk organizers are also useful if you don't mind the space they take up. You can easily use recycled tin cans, decorated of course. Maybe with some glued beads? However, this super crafty desk organizer layers those tin cans! The  DIY art tool caddy video tutorial using cans and scrap wood is in two parts - Part 1 and Part 2. Whimsical design credits go to Violette and Mr G.

Tool Pegboards
Pegboards are the other way to get the tools off your worktable.

Karen over at the Sewmanyways blog has a wonderful blog post with lots of ideas of how to hang up your supplies. There is much in common with the sewing community as we both deal with small items.

There are a number of ways to hang the tools - on nails, a magnetic strip, chicken wire or wooden slots. HacknMod has some cool ideas.

Erin from the Erin Compton Design blog also has a pegboard tutorial. What's neat about hers is the integrated chalkboard.  I always keep a running list of jewelry supplies I need so that is a great idea.

But I hope none of us have that many tools we need to make a rolling tool pegboard! (Update :The video is by sensoryhouse is unfortunately no longer available.)

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