It's funny how things turn out. I started the new year by picking a cause to support via my jewelry making. I chose to support cancer research because the disease is so prevalent. The statistics are not good - 1 in 3 of us will develop cancer some time in our lives.  Then about a month later, my good friend who lives far away told me the devastating news - she has ovarian cancer.

Thanks to Carol's treasury A touch of green which I wrote about, I found out about Etsy Project Embrace (EPE) and promptly joined. It is a "Universal Coalition of Artists whose main purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, whatever kind it may be." The group first came together in support of a fellow Etsian, Laura Slocum, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the same kind my friend has. This growing community of compassionate Etsy sellers are determined to make a difference. Many of them have chosen to donate some if not all of their profits to cancer research. EPE also have a blog and an Etsy forum thread.

I cannot begin to tell you how supportive this group is and how warmly they welcomed this newbie - who still hasn't figured out how to comment on treasuries!! Just today I received word two members had chosen two of my designs for two different Treasury Wests.

The first is Passages (shown above) curated by Ginny Huber of Handfelted Art and Accessories. It is a beautiful and poignant grouping. You can see my Turquoise Tree of Life pendant necklace there. The second is by Suz of SimplySuzula who is into vintage everything! She chose to do Street Fair - just a fantastic and uplifting collection of colorful designs. The background of my chain maille bracelet listing was one of the blues.

This really made my day.  So thank you both and the EPE team very much.

It is a worthy cause. There are so many forms of the disease and thus so many fronts to fight.

One tremendous effort is by a 16 year old English girl. Sarah Phillips' beautifully sung Youtube tribute (Autumn by Paolo Nutini) was first recorded on her mobile phone when she was alone in her room - without music, and without error - just hours before she lost her mother to cervical cancer. Music was later added. You can read about her here.

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