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Do you remember toys from your childhood?  I do. One that stood out in my memory was the spirograph where you got to use plastic geared templates to draw geometric patterns. The two French accessory designers and architects of MIETTE created some awesome spirograph inspired jewelry.

They are amazing. The Spiro Collection is but one of many outstanding geometric and 3D based designs. Check out the store here. Via

Dang. To think I gave away my children's Lego bricks when they outgrew the toy. The Perpetual Kid has recycled Lego brick pendant necklaces each adorned with a Swarovski crystal no less! Via

That's right. Don't throw anything away. Ehinders (who crafts to avoid real work) saved the game pieces from a vintage monopoly set and made this awesome charm bracelet. You can see her post and more pictures on the Craftster forum. (I'll bet the murder weapon pieces from the board game Clue/Cluedo - one of my favorite childhood games - would be really strange for a bracelet!)

The Lunacy Boutique in the UK actually has an Etch-a-Sketch pendant necklace! Alas no one can twiddle your knobs if you wear one! The etch cannot be changed.

Perhaps you haven't outgrown puzzles and still like doing them. Or you have some where the pieces are lost. Time to recycle them! Check out Britta J's puzzle pendant on Cut Out and Keep :

Catfish's puzzle tutorial also on Cut Out and Keep makes uses of recycled puzzle pieces.

I haven't added scrabble tiles here because the use of such tiles is usually as a foundation. But I guess you could drill them and other tiles like mahjong ones, just like this kandeejohnson did to make an elasticated domino bracelet. She got hold of some vintage ones. Her video tutorial shows you how to use a dremel drill.

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