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Fluorite and Pearl Elven Earrings

Fluorite is a lovely gemstone and even prettier when it comes in greens and purples. Jillian designed this awesome pair of elven style earrings using fluorite chips. The pearl dangle at the end of each earring was the "icing" on this scrumptious gemstone design.

Notice she randomized the chip colors. Nor did she add them all the way to the top. Teaming the fluorite with pearls was definitely inspiring!

Beader design # : 594

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  1. Those are really pretty. I haven't used those kind of earwires before. What a nice look!

  2. What an awesome design! They look great in their simplicity. Are those earwires handmade? Love to try new shapes.

  3. Yes, those ear wires are indeed handmade. I will write a tutorial for them.

  4. I wish I can have those for me

  5. Great those ear wires...I've made similiar, I find them can dangle something tiny or like Jillian thread beads on the wire...I've also wire wrapped beads on the wire!!!



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