Andalusite is a gemstone named after Andalusia in Spain where it was first found. A lovely type of andalusite is the opaque form called chiastolite. The natural dark carbon inclusions form a checkerboard pattern. When the stone is cut just right, you can see why it is also known as the cross stone.

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It's no surprise chiastolite has been used as a talisman or amulet for centuries as protection against evil. It wasn't just the Christian religious symbolism but people also once believed it could staunch bleeding if worn next to the skin and also increase milk secretion.

The clear form of andalusite is lovely too. It displays strong pleochroism - the ability to show different colors or a play of colors when viewed from different directions. That's due to the stone's ability to doubly diffract or change to two rays as the ray of light passes through.

The colors include, yellowish brown, brown, green and greenish red. The faceted specimen above is lovely, don't you think?

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