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Have you ever wondered what else to make besides necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings? As a way to  use up beads and to extend your creativity. Then hair fascinators may be your next project!

Fascinators used to be light scarves worn over the head. Today, they are once again fashionable but completely evolved as glamorous hair jewelry. The trendsetting new Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton also wears them and she has increased the popularity of fascinators.

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They're gorgeous for weddings but equally suitable for other formal occasions in place of hats. Or wear them just for fun. You can buy them as expensive milliner designs or you could easily make your own. The possibilities are endless. Beaded pieces, feathers, flat back crystals, buttons, beaded wire work, tulle - all these and more can be used.

Threadbanger has an excellent video beginner tutorial to show to how to make a flamboyant piece as well as a smaller design. The bases used are hair clips. The hot glue gun is your friend. They used feather dusters but you can buy feathers too from craft stores.

Outsapop (Finish born Outi Pyy) whose zipper necklace tutorial I featured before, has a fantastic fascinator tutorial made from zippers, what else?
Corvustristis who has the Corvus corax store on Etsy generously wrote and shared this flower and feather fascinator tutorial. The base is a hair comb.
Linda Permann over at CraftStylish has a different kind of floral fascinator tutorial.It is based on an elasticated hairband and uses glass pearls
If you like the veil version Drew Barrymore is wearing, then try the DIY birdcage veil and fascinator tutorial by DIY Wedding Bee. A single button was used. Swarovski crystals will look great here too.
Michaels, the craft store has several fascinator projects. Here are my favorties :
Their Morning Song beach glass fascinator tutorial uses a ready made wire wrapped pendant but you could always wire your own.
If you've hankered to use peacock feathers, then try the MSI Orient Express fascinator tutorial. This one will suit a barrette.
Paint the town red with the red/black party head band fascinator!
The pearl and crystal fascinator has that bridal look about it, doesn't it?
White flowers and brown feathers lend drama to this design tutorial.

How do you wear a fascinator?
The British would know as fascinators are popular at the races like Ascot. Well, if you've got 9 minutes or so to spare and love hearing British accents, then watch this video on how to wear a fascinator from Gemondo. I was amused by the male presenter "playing" with the attractive female presenter's hair every chance he got!

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  1. Love these! What a terrific idea for a post! Looking forward to going through the tutorials.

  2. Too funny, Pearl, I wouldn't have noticed him caressing her hair had you not pointed it out, but he does have frequent fondle points.
    Wish I was thirty years younger to wear those fascinators - love 'em!

  3. What fun...these fascinators are great, my daughter-in-laws maid of honor wore one similiar to the threadbanger in her hair, she looked lovely.


  4. well you just blew me away i am filled wiht ideas..xx

  5. Is there a proper name for that curved hair clip? I'm having the worst time finding them

  6. You mean the hairband? That's usually made from plastic and can be found in any store selling hair products. I've seen them in dollar stores too!

  7. Makes me wish I was still young enough to wear such falderal! Maybe if I make one in red...?

  8. Pat, you don't have to be young to wear a fascinator! I think they are great for people who can't or won't wear full hats.


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