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Botanical Inspirations
Part 1 of 2

Around the time Artbeads let their blogging partners know the next "challenge" is about the beauty of spring, I had just written the post about how to make French and Victorian beaded flowers. Well, I thought, that was easy (famous last words). I'll just make twisted wire beaded flower jewelry. I had fun going through their Swarovski crystal bead section.

When I spotted the Swarovski Margarita beads, I knew they were perfect for the designs I had in mind. With bicones for leaves, what could be simpler?

Ha. It wasn't as easy as I thought. My first two attempts were insipid. All wire designs meant there was too much silver - the flowers looked lost. I also made some wrong flower color choices.It was a good job I ordered a variety of bicones and Margaritas. In the end, I went with a black stone frame and black cord as you can see from my recent Etsy store listing - Swarovski Floral Bouquet Picture Necklace (Life Collection - 100% of net proceeds to cancer research).

The Swarovski Floral Bouquet in a Vase earrings (Life Collection) naturally followed. It's an original Beading Gem design!

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  1. Way to go! Love, Love, Love the flower design! Such an awesome idea come to life.

  2. Why, thank you for saying so. It wasn't a straightforward design effort but I did enjoy the challenge of introducing twisted wire work in a novel way.

  3. Really lovely pieces, Pearl; great idea!

  4. Great pieces Pearl...lovely, & so unique...I've thought on occasion about doing a tree of life but I'm not sure I have the patience for intricate details of the wire work...


  5. The vases are so whimsical - cute!


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