Michigan based Nancy Wickman is one lucky artisan. Not only is she blessed with wire working talent, she was able to retire from her civil service job a couple of years ago to focus on her jewelry business, called Wickwire Jewelry. She is on Artfire . She also teaches and recently shared these awesome wire weaving tutorials.

The wire woven pendant tutorial (pictured above) here features a Kazuri bead but Nancy says any flat bead will work.

She also has the earrings tutorial to match. There are 4 wire ends to take care off and Nancy finishes them off so well.

Nancy also tipped me off via email about her third tutorial in this awesome series, the wire woven bangle. She is a woman of her word because she said it would be posted this past weekend and it was!  Way to go Nancy!  Thanks so much for sharing.

Nancy's wire work is truly inspiring. She brings forth such refreshingly unique designs. Here are my favorite picks from her stores :

Gemstone Owl Pendant

Wire Woven Labradorite Pendant Necklace

Nancy's also on Facebook - her photo album there is droolworthy as you can see from the next two picks:

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