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How Chanel made their Venetian Bib Necklace

A reader told me she is working on her first bib necklace after she read some tutorials I wrote about (see links at the end) - way to go! Bib necklaces are indeed a hot trend and not just by handmade enthusiasts. Chanel designed this spectacular Venetian Bib Necklace for their 2009/2010 Cruise collection.

The  neckpiece is made from what are known as plastrons which I learned from Laura Sweet's blog post The Making of Chanel's New Venetian Bib Necklace. That is an interesting name because a plastron is actually the flat (underside) part of a turtle or tortoise shell. I understood why when I saw the pictures of the resin work.

The necklace was constructed partly using a metallic framework using resin in the molding process. The spaces were filled with molten glass.

They then added colored resin to the cells and the various metal portions were soldered together.  The centerpiece is a locket style piece where they added a little heart inside using a syringe. Such attention to detail! For the full set of pictures, check Laura's blog.

It's not just Chanel but bib necklaces are really popular this year. Here is a small runway selection from the 2010 designer collections showcased recently.

Oscar De La Renta - Runway - Fall 2010 MBFW

Oscar de la Renta

MBFW A/W 2010: Arrondissement Aq1 Fashion Show

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Germany

Myer Autumn/Winter Collection Showcase

Myer Autumn 2010 Collection Launch, Melbourne, Australia

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  1. The Chanel bib necklace can't be accused of skimping on the cabochons, wow there's a lot of them there (resin though they might be they are very lush and rich looking). It's odd that they chose to model it against a smoky colored,lacy patterned blouse which tends to camouflage the bib. Wonder why they didn't have the model wear either a low scoop necked top or a strapless dress. I've always thought the bib was an ideal piece to wear with such skin reveling necklines and really makes the bib pop. Well maybe they were more into spotlighting the clothes and not the accessories.


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