I've been fortunate enough to have had some items listed in a few cleverly curated treasuries. Then someone asked me what the heck are Etsy treasuries?  These are theme based and time limited selections by sellers to promote items. Some make it to Etsy's front page like the one my copper wire wrapped turquoise pendant ended up in (it just sold too!).

Treasuries are fun to do and to look at but they're not the tools you need to search Etsy for specific items. It's a huge site so pulling out the gems you want to see is challenging.

Even their search box was bewildering as people didn't know to try the drop down menu. It's a little more obvious with their new design shown below :

However, thanks to Joyce over at the HappyCloudMoments blog,  I found out a new and even better tool called PicClick is now available.  It makes searching so much easier and visually satisfying.

Shown at the top is my result when I punched in "tribal jewelry" not long after I uploaded my new grey tribal earrings - it appears at the top row not far from the hot pink tribal warrior princess earrings.  Use the slider zoom at the top right to magnify:

Yes, Joyce- I like it.  Besides the obvious searching benefit, it also clearly demonstrates the point - don't list similar items too close in time! Duh.

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