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Two Lovely Beaded Bracelet Tutorials

Some time ago, a reader asked if she could see more beadwork! As it happens, I have found a couple of gorgeous beaded bracelet tutorials worth sharing. The first one is the mandala bracelet by Beads Unlimited. It's easy enough for a beginner. Just choosing different colors will change the look of the piece.

free jewelry making tutorial

If you don't like the beaded clasp, I suggest using some french wire and attach to regular metal clasps.

The second tutorial is the pretty beaded Macrame Meteor Bracelet by Ondriyla for Rings &Things. Additional diagrams can be seen on the Rings & Things tutorial page.  A matching ring can also be made. What is even more awesome about this bracelet design is the sliding beaded clasp.

free jewelry making tutorial

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  1. Hey Pearl!
    Thanks for posting something beady! I'm a seed beader by heart and I love to learn more about any kind of beading. I really enjoyed this post.

  2. Did you know I started with bead work when I first did jewelry years ago? I still love it but rarely have the time it takes to do much these days.

  3. Isn't that a fabulous piece...I'm always so impressed with this kind of work. I don't have the patience for it...I've tried but it just isn't for me...

    have a bracelet half finished... :0)


  4. Hi there, that macrame piece by Ondriyla has been one of my R&T favorites for several years now, thanks so much for mentioning and complimenting it!

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  5. Love seed beads, and these are beautiful. My stepmom had a bead shop, and seed beads were always a favorite of mine...I love the way so many small things can add up to a larger beautiful whole!

  6. Oh my! A bead shop in the family! Lucky you!


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