Some lovely jewelry can move you on a personal level. Then there are those pieces who do just that, move! There are a number of artisans who make kinetic jewelry. Here are some. I am sure I missed others too.

Kinekt Design's Gear Ring
Do you ever twiddle the rings on your fingers? Well, Kinekt Design's Gear Ring will let you do more than move the ring around the finger. You can move all those gears on the stainless steel ring! Watch the video to see it in action.

The designer behind Kinekt is New York based Glen Liberman who says, “The ‘Gear Ring’ intrigued the engineer in me and opened my eyes to jewelry.” It is a neat concept indeed. Via

Danielle Miller Jewelry
South Carolina jewelry metal smith, Danielle Miller, truly understands fidgets. Her contemporary designs are stunning - in looks and in sheer cleverness. Take her sterling silver Mod Rocker rings. There are two motions - the curved rectangle at the top see saws while the stone setting slides freely along the it.

Her Mod bracelets' stone settings do the same too.

You really need to check out her site not only because many of the designs take advantage of movement but because her pieces are drop dead gorgeous.  This awesome pendant design below allows the pearls to slide freely across the whole width. Via

Lisa Pavelka
Lisa Pavelka said on her blog she's been "making spinner rings for a few years starting with metal clays, but also dabbling with polymer clay and mixed media creations. Not just rings mind you, but necklaces too!"  Shown here is her pinwheel design - you know the kind of toy children had in the days before electronic games. Such a fun design as you can spin the middle section! Via

Michael Berger
Back in the 1960's, Friedrich Becker  (see my post on tension set rings) became the first metal smith to come up with the concept of kinetic jewelry. He was also mentor to German based metal smith Michael Berger whose contemporary style ring is shown below. Unlike the other creations above which require you to move them, these unique kinetic jewelry pieces move independently!

He has several designs. Update : Michael sent me this new video showing his designs in motion. They are amazing!

Atelier Michael Berger from on Vimeo. If you have a little more time, then watch this 4 minute German documentary (the newscaster stops talking about 20 seconds into the video) about Berger. It shows him working in his studio and several of his moving rings in action.He designs on his computer and then moves to precision milling his gyroscopic-like rings. ______________________________ Original Post by THE BEADING GEM Jewelry Making Tips - Jewelry Business Tips