Every time I see or make elven or elvish ear wires, I am reminded of the movie Lord of the Rings. There were several elvish ears on display! This style of ear wires is popular because they are different. They are very easy to make - I am sure many readers have already done so. Shown here is a pair I made for myself.

There are probably different ways to go about making them but this is how I do it.

Pick a convenient mandrel to get you the size of ear wires you want. Wrap 20G wire around it and cut two rounds.

Smooth out the wire lengths with nylon jawed pliers if necessary.

Make a loop at one end of each wire and put them together. Another option is to hammer and file this end to a paddle shape. Something to stop the beads from falling off. Trim the other ends so they are of equal length. Then if you are threading any beads on, do so now.

Use broad nose pliers and place it at about the middle part and bend one side over. Don't use round nose or chain nose pliers to do this part as these are tapered. Lightly hammer with a plastic or rubber mallet to work harden.

Update : Forgot to mention you must also debur the cut end of the wire with metal files or use a special cup file.  This is the part that has to go through the ear holes so it has to be smooth. See tutorial post.

You can also adorn the ear wires with some cool wire wrapping or simply add a dangle as I did with my Droplet design below (Life Collection in support of cancer research). One beader at our workshop combined both threaded beads and a dangle in her lovely fluorite and pearl design.

Pretty simple, eh? There are so many ways to create different ear wires - check out some inspirational past posts and start playing with wire:

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