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Alas, I omitted something important in the recent post about how to make elven or elvish earrings. I have amended my post to add the deburring step. The wires going through ear holes must be deburred. There are two ways and different types of tools you can use.

Firstly cut your wire to get it as straight as possible. When you use your flush cutters, the flat side of the cutting blades will give you the straighter edge so position it so you can do just that.

I use a cup style deburring file called a wire rounder. You just position the file and twirl several times. It works well for soft metals like copper and sterling silver. Check out this tutorial from which shows you exactly how.

But needle files and sanding pads also work.Watch this video by fellow Canadian Natalie Girard which I linked to in my past post on how to make hoop earrings. She shows us how to use a needle file correctly and a sanding pad. You can easily get both items from a hardware store.

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  1. i often have to twist many there a right direction and a wrong direction?

  2. You do have to twirl many times to file away the protrusions (burs). It is a good idea to go in one direction only like when you file your nails.

  3. You can also use a fishing hook sharpener. They are really inexpensive and available at hardware stores such as Ace. They are basically a file with a grove down the middle. Just place the end of the earwire in the grove perpendicular to the file and slide it gently back and forth a couple times rotating around the end as needed. Not too much though. You don't want to sharpen the ear wire, just debur it. :)

  4. Awesome tip, Sheridan! Thanks for telling us. I will have to check this out.

  5. Thanks Pearl for the info! I have been filing my earring ends with a diamond nail file which works but have been meaning to pick up one of those cup burrs. I liked the video on the hoops. Never thought of making the hoops smaller than the intended outcome to compensate for spreading as it is hammered. Good idea!

  6. The video on making hoop earrings was enlightening and just as Cindy Lietz points out, the information about how to keep them round was valuable. Like any instructor, Natalie makes the process look easy, which of course comes from practice, but her simple explanations and straightforwardness has given me enough confidence to attempt making my own hoops.

    Also never thought of using one of those sanding sponges to smooth the ends of earrings, quite clever.

  7. Hi! I know this post is a couple of years old, but I'm trying to find the cup deburring tool and I can't seem to find it. Can anyone recommend a place to look for it?


  8. Ah, I can see why you are having trouble. This tool is also known as wire rounder. The cheapest type is this one from Fire Mountain Gems

    They also have a better one.

    I cannot do without mine!

  9. Hey Pearl! For Canadian customers we have the Wire rounder too. Obviously won't leave a link without your permission, but just to let you know:)

  10. Thanks! I appreciate the long detailed instructions!


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