Did you know the Spring 2010 trend is the warrior fashion in clothing and accessories? These are inspired by military wear from ancient civilisations. Fashionising.com identified the key elements as  metal plating (think armor), tunics especially leather, chain maille inspirations and tribal motifs.

Cool!  I already enjoy doing the last two in jewelry design.  So here is a look at some inspirational designs on the warrior theme - it is always fun to see how different designers tackle the same theme.

The BR Republic has some awesome luxury designs based on medieval armor. Shown above is their mask pendant which resemble helms worn by medieval knights. Their crusader red gold and sterling silver ring is another fine example. Their website lists stockists in the UK. Via

Even the late Alexander McQueen got into the warrior act with last year's fall  RTW collection. His head armor accessory is way over the top as it covers not just the head but the mouth, nose and shoulders. It reminds me of the chain maille coif medieval knights used to wear under their helms. Via

You should see the work of leather craftsman is BlackMarketTrades on Etsy. He made this amazing Leather Dragon scale bracers, hand cutting every bit with leather shears. He uses rivets. Bracers are arm guards worn by archers for protection.

What could be more warrior-like than chain maille?  And yet, Athena's Armoury on Etsy's lovely hand jewelry called the Feminine Warrior Handflower manages to be pretty.

Less feminine and a unisex design is my Full Persian chain maille bracelet.

I also love the Warrior Empress earrings by Ear Candiez who makes "Silly art for your ears". This is a superbly imaginative design. Doesn't it remind you a little of Japanese samurais?

Celtsmith has an amazing Celtic Torc necklace which is based on a real archaeological find. The Celts used to twist wires together to make these distinctive neck pieces. Check out my past post on Boudicca: The Warrior Queen's jewelry for more information on torcs and the story of a Queen who lead her people against the Roman army in England.

My grey tribal earrings sold very quickly but I will be uploading another when I can. Here is a new design in my store the Warrior Princess Tribal Shield earrings.

For real warrior jewelry, check out my past post Treasures from the Sutton Hoo, an amazing archaeological discovery of a "ghost image" burial ship of a warrior chieftain in England. It dates back to the 7th century - the gold craftmanship back then was incredibly good.

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