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How to Make a Paper Sushi Pendant and Cocktail Ring

Like paper jewelry? Here are two very clever tutorials to try.

The sea anemone cocktail ring tutorial from Paper Beads is perfect for those who already like big, fun and funky cha-cha rings. The video tutorial shows the different types of ring blanks you can use for this project. Wire wrapping at the base makes the spikes stand up.

The ring will look great with different colored paper beads. Make them smaller if you don't like such high rings or even substitute with glass beads if paper beads are not your thing.

When I saw Diane Gilleland's recycled magazine pendant tutorial, the first thing that popped in my mind was sushi! Her method of rolling paper to form coils is simple and yet effective. There are plenty of design options.

If you check out the tutorial, you will see other pictures of how you can put several together to build up a multi-coiled bib style necklace. Or you could even do separate coils within the main outer coil - the heart one in their reader gallery at the bottom of the post is superb.

I will cross reference these tutorials in my past post how to make paper beads and jewelry. All back tutorial posts can be found in my hub page Jewelry Making Tips.

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  1. What a great ring and a fabulous idea. You can recycle and make great jewelry at the same time! If you don't like to make paper beads - you can buy them. I bought some great paper beads from Titan Beads. They are made by Ugandan Women. It is a great service to these women to buy these beads.

  2. Thanks Willi for that great suggestion. Mzuri Beads also carries those Ugandan made beads. Find out more in my past post :

  3. Wow, paper beads are so cool, and this is a great project--I hadn't even thought to make rings with paper beads! Thanks for the great vid and tutorial link.


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