Earrings are small jewelry items. There are far less components when compared to necklaces and bracelets but they can be just as varied in their designs. You can see what I mean with these three workshop and beading party designs. Carol varied her bead selection with frosted leaf beads from Debbie's (Widget's Beads) collection.

I like the contrast between the uneven edges of the leaves with the flat oval beads as well the colors. Her next design used black and white spiral patterned lamp work beads. Again the color contrasts between the colors of the chosen beads makes for a visually interesting design. She tapered down the earring ends with metallic rice shaped beads. Nice touch!

Bev stuck to fairly even sized beads but she made her design pop a little more with filigree beads in the middle. You can never go wrong with pearls, natural or glass as in this case.

Beader designs # : 597-600

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