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Tithi Kutchamuch's "Gutsy" Companion Parrot Necklace

Making jewelry is an art form. You can find inspiration in anything and you can interpret your feelings and ideas in any way you want. Remember too, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

So it's not surprising the Dezeen blog reactions to Tithi Kutchamuch's Companion Parrot necklace with its skull and bird entrails charms varied from "Disturbing" to "Tithi - you're nuts. Good nuts." and "This is beyond awesome". I especially liked the witty comment, "It takes guts to do a project like this."

It's made from bronze, silver and aluminum. The design is from her Secret Friend Collection and will be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London in a couple of months time.

London based Tithi Kutchamuch is originally from Thailand but trained at London's Royal College of Art. Her work has been exhibited at different galleries and exhibitions in Europe. Her jewelry designs have a strong animal focus because she relates animals and sculpture with home. She says, "The jewellery I make is a way of bringing a piece of home with me."

Photography by Petr Krejci Via

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  1. interesting..........she makes entrails look good :)

  2. Talent is what Tithi Kutchamuch obviously has in great abundance, however this parrot isn’t really my cup of tea.
    I realize that in today’s world it takes all kinds and it’s nice to know that Tithi is taking those who, well let’s say “Think outside the box”, in consideration when she created this unusual piece.

    Hm, maybe I should get my next inspiration from my local butcher shop. :D


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