Today's collection is much hoopla about hoop earrings! There are so many ways to make them. So pick one, or more! You can make them from scratch or use hoop findings or beading wire. Some of the videos do repeat the steps but each artisan has different tips to offer.

Hoops as ear wires
Wanda over at the Making Beaded Jewelry site has a super set of hoop earrings tutorials. One which stood out is her chocolate pearl hoops - you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to it.

Sheridan over at the Joslin Jewels blog has a tutorial for basic hoops if you'd like to see another instructor's work.

The Rio Grand video tutorial for making wire wrapped hoop earrings shows you have to make some adjustments to the loop and the hook ends for the locking mechanism to work. See how easy it is to wire wrap the beads if you thread them on the wire first?

I also like the simple turquoise hoop earring video tutorial by uamouse who writes the  My Daily Bead blog because the way the locking mechanism step is clearer. Remember to file away the hook end because that's the part which goes through the ear holes.

A different and lovely variation of hoops as ear wires is the hoop charm earring tutorial was created by one of my favorite tutorialists (is there such a word?), Dana James.

Hoops with ear wires
You can also form the hoops by making a giant eye pin and curving it around something round. When finished, the hoops can be attached to ear wires. There are a couple of ways to to do the wire work.

Beadclub's Bohemian hoop earring video tutorial has an easy way to complete the loop at the top.

Filed and Hammered Hoops
If you aren't sure about how to file wire, this 9 min plus video tutorial by Nathalie Girard (Canadian Rockies Art) shows the ins and outs of making a simple pair of hoop earrings. The video is worth a view if you don't have a cup bur for filing - you can easily get needle files and the sandpaper block from your local hardware store. Natalie uses 18G wire which is thicker than the more usual 20G wire. Thicker wire will look better when hammered.

Rachel Bitan uses even thicker wire - 12G for her hammered hoops.  She just files down the end of the wire that has to go through the ears. Watch her video here.

Hoop Findings
Not into wire work?  Then use ready made hoops. Shown here are Debbie's Swarovski crystals on beading hoops. It's a great way to use up odd Swarovski crystals! For directions, check the tutorial by Beading Life.

Beading wire hoops
One of the easiest ways to make hoop earrings is just to use plain beading wire - the kind you use to make necklaces and bracelets. Tammy Powley from the site has two tutorials each with a different way to finish. Her pearl hoop earring tutorial uses crimp beads. The alternative is to use calottes or clamshell findings which she illustrates in another pearl hoop earring design tutorial.

Hooped studs
The WireJig site has this easy tutorial to make a hooped stud pair with short lengths of coiled wire.

Also check out the Beads Beading Needs site for a great selection of fashion hoop earring tutorials.

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