When I wrote about the tatted jewelry of Totus Mel aka as Pamela, a lot of people were amazed with her work. Her signature tatted masks are just stunning and her ankle corsets were flattering. She is also a very generous artisan. I included one of her tutorials in my past post How to make tatted jewelry.

Pamela does not use a tatting shuttle. She tats with a needle. To help us get started, she has great beginner tutorial called Learn Needle Tatting with My Flower Pendant.

Some techniques are best see in action so watch her needle tat on her video. She is fast for sure! She has a certain rhythm which is captivating to see. It reminds me of the fascination I had as a child watching my mother shuttle tat.

Also on Instructables is the modified version of her Fleurette necklace.  Please note she wrote the tutorial for personal use only.

She also wrote up this tatted cameo tutorial on her blog.Via

Don't forget to check my past post on How to make tatted jewelry. Loads more tutorials there!

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