I confess I have never seen the much acclaimed tv drama series Mad Men which is set in the 1960's. But after seeing the attention to period detail the set and costume designers paid, I am going to watch! Check out the fashion files as well as the videos on the costumes as well as hair and makeup.

Right on cue with the series' success is New York based Lizzie Fortunato Jewels' Fall 2010 Mad Men inspired collection. Their Look Book shows how much fun they had not just designing the jewelry but plotting the photo shoot - note the ashtray in one of the pictures below.

The 60's housewife with her immaculate wardrobe  - which was probably one of the reasons why her hippie children favored the other extreme - preferred big and bold jewelry. Some popular elements include enameled pieces as well geometric patterns. The Lizzie Fortunato collection delivers in spades not just in looks but in the materials they use. They focus on designs made from reclaimed pieces.

The founders are twins - Elizabeth is the designer and Kathryn takes care of the business end. They got their start while still in college when many admired the jewelry they wore.  Kathryn started selling the designs her sister made and it just grew from that humble beginning all the way to runway success.

Find out more about the twins - they were interviewed on New York Fashion magazine last year.

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