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Origami Heart Earring Tutorial

Jo from the Chubby Hobby blog shared this awesome tutorial on how to make origami heart earrings. If you're wondering about paper jewelry, they are fine so long as you protect them. Jo used polyurethane.

I shall also cross reference them in my original post of free origami jewelry tutorials if you are interested in more. Via

Other paper jewelry tutorials

Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. I love to look at paper jewelry, as the possibilities are endless and the colors are beautiful, but I'm the kind of girl that steps into the shower with jewelry on. Don't want to imagine that, even with protected paper jewelry.

  2. These are beautiful - I can't beleive there is something else to learn! That's what keeps me going - learning something new everyday.

    I went back to the cross post and discovered the google search for books. I hadn't heard of it before - what a great resource.


  3. Dagmar/Kokopelli - Well, it's water resistant with the protective coating, not waterproof!! I try not to wear jewelry in the shower.

    Willi - I do recommend google book search - you sometimes get great previews of books. When I do link to books, readers can use google book search as well as try and find them in their local lending library.

  4. They're really nice. It's amazing how sturdy the finished pieces can be, especially if you use washi, as the varnish soaks right in. I made a waterlily brooch (there's a tutorial on my blog - ) and found it even survived being bashed around in the bottom of my bag for a few hours.

  5. Thanks Abigail for letting me know about your terrific brooch tutorial. I have linked and added it to that past post.


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