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Two ways to wear pearls you never knew about

Sometime ago, I wrote a post about the gemstones in skin care fad. Crushed pearls were used by Imperial Chinese women for centuries as a pigment and for its anti-aging properties (acts like a sunblock).

amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2010 Fashion Week - Arrivals

Lady Gaga, the singer and performance artiste skipped the pulverizing step and just glued pearl beads all over her face and her body when she performed at the amFAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research)annual gala last month. With white skin makeup, white pearl encrusted bikini jacket, hats and boots, she was a pearl wannabee in the flesh. I wonder if she used water soluble glue for easy removal?

amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2010 Fashion Week - Inside

Pearl necklaces have long been associated with elegance and perhaps even primness. But the Kiki De Montparnasse Pearl Restraints are dual purposed. You could be naughty and nice depending on when and where you wear it. Wear the 10 foot long pearl necklace as a multi-layered piece by day or make it a playful bedroom affair by night. A novel way to market pearls indeed. But I can't help but picture $2,400 of cultured pearls pinging everywhere, bouncing on the bed, floor and rolling into corners....   Via

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  1. Hey Pearl...I'm home & back to visiting...I scrolled down and see you have been very busy!!!

    Not sure I would like to glue beads to my body...don't think it would feel very nice, actually might be rather uncomfortable???


  2. Glad to see you back Heather1

    Well, the things celebrities do to stay in the limelight!

  3. I can't help but wonder if any pearls came off during Ga Ga's performance?
    In a way I feel sorry for celebs as they are always trying to think of ways to out-do, out-shine, out-bling one another. Gad I remember the slit front dress that Cher wore many years ago, got her a lot of media attention and the world got a good glimpse of her bare breasts. Unfortunately I feel she lost a lot of her dignity by doing so...but then when I think back to what she wore on stage in Vegas, maybe the dignity had already been lost?


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