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PS I Made It has done it again! After her hair roller necklace tutorial, she has come up with a spike necklace tutorial made stir sticks! The maroon Dunkin' Donuts sticks make for a dramatic contrast with the black ribbons.  A stunning and fun conversational piece for sure.

However, this design also shows "good bones". The basic focal structure is inspirational. You can do something similar with beading, wire, or fan or spike components like the gemstone ones we have in our workshops.

A couple of outstanding past beader designs from our workshops/beading parties using gemstone fans are Donna's green aventurine fan necklace and Ashley's blackstone fan necklace. Debbie and I get asked this question - "Should I put something between each spike or not?". The two designs show either way works. Your call.

Spikes are dramatic so take advantage and supply sharp contrasts. I like to play up on their contemporary edge and keep it simple.  Even for a vintage necklace like the antiqued copper and brass spike necklace I recently uploaded in my shop.

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  1. I am sitting in Ottawa, On this morning enjoying the nice weather! Spring is in the air.

    I laughed when I read this post. As an avid tea drinker, I have used my fair share of stir sticks - maybe I should save them! Some people have great imaginations.

    I love the three necklaces you showed. Amazing that three people can take a similar idea and come up with three totally different necklaces.

  2. I'm a huge fan of statement necklaces like this, which are actually quite eay to put together - even for a beginner. It's nice to know that even when you're starting out a creative eye is worth far more than technical expertise!

  3. Willi - That's why I love jewelry design - the possibilities are endless.

    I so agree, Clair. People make the mistake of equating difficult techniques with good designs. Having a creative eye is definitely the most important asset for a jewelry designer.

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  5. I really like the third project, funny I have got the green fan beads featured. am going to incorporate biege fan beads to create an Egyptian style necklace. Will get round to it once I have finished my macrame and wire designs, LOL.

    Once again Pearl, thanks for posting these interesting and very stunning designs.


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