I have seen many jewelry designs which include words like "Inspire", "Dream", "Love" and so on. But a whole sentence? Just check out the amazing quotation jewelry by Spanish artisan Victoria Contreras Flores. The acrylic and metal chain pieces from her Words Collection are visually stunning and perfect for literature fans.

Her inspiration comes from famous writers. On the right is her TS Eliot necklace which features the opening lines from his 1922 poem, "The Waste Land". The Virgina Woolf necklace is from one of her 1929 essays.

For those who prefer understated jewelry, check out her Vernon Lee (the pseudonym of British gothic writer Violet Paget) "Amour Dure-Dure Amour" necklace which translates as "Love that lasts, cruel love". The newly designed earrings are my favorite from her collection because she makes clever use of the phrase.

Update : Victoria also has a website showcasing her art.

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