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Book Review : Your Seed Bead Style

Kalmbach Publishing who produce Bead and Button magazine just sent me this exciting new bead work how-to book called Your Seed Bead Style.

I was impressed with the top-notch quality of the projects as well as the sheer number of them (27) for a book that's priced just $17.95.  So doing the math, that's less than 70 cents per project. Definitely worth it if you are bead work artisan at heart.

The instructions are much the same as in the Bead and Button magazines - text as well as smaller step diagrams or thumbnails.

I also liked the care taken in choosing projects which ranged from beginner to advanced. Several different types of stitches were used such as peyote, herringbone, square stitch, bead embroidery, tatting, right-angle weave and bead crochet.

Did I like all the designs? No, but I liked the vast majority of them. Many of them got me itching to try them out. There was something for everyone - ornate and simple styles.

Sure there were plenty of the inspirational ones like the cabochon beaded cuff and a few which weren't really innovative. However, what was cool were the projects which went beyond the traditional bead work designs. My favorites were :
  • Free form peyote bracelet with hardware dangles
  • Scarf embellishment which consisted of a really pretty beaded tube which carried part of a scarf
  • A couple of chain maille meets bead work bracelets
  • Wire mesh with bead and lamp work necklace
  • Beaded needle tatted necklace (below) - the designer gave lots of useful tips.

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  1. Looks like a good book! The project on the cover looks like the technique I used in my The Heart of Jack Sparrow necklace.
    Oh, and BTW, my give-away post is now out! :-)

  2. I agree with you Pearl - this is a great book. I look everything about Bead and Button - their books and magazine. I haven't made anything yet!!

  3. Oops - meant to say that I "love" everything about Bead and Button!

  4. I notice though that a lot of the patterns are the same as the Bead and Button 'Creative Beading' books. Which means I'm not as excited to purchase the book anymore as I have two volumes of the 'Creative Beading' series and plan to buy more.

    However if I did not have the books, the price would be tempting indeed as the patterns are just beautiful.

  5. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for this beady post! Love it! That's a hard price to resist, and the projects you've shown look unique and worth investing time in. The questions I have room to fit another book on my book shelf? Time to clean out the old books to make room for some new and innovative ones.

  6. Does look like it's got some wonderful projects in it!

  7. Pearl your book reviews are insightful and very helpful. This book looks interesting and it might be a contender for my wish list plus it may make a fine addition to my collection of beading books.


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