Bib necklaces are hot right? But if you are struggling to find time to make your own, help is on the way. Shown here is Disney's Cheater bib tutorial on her blog, Ruffles and Stuff. It's an excellent design - she was joking when she said you could tell people it was an Anthropologie design. But honestly, it could pass off as an expensive piece!  By the way her pearls were from the dollar store!

Another great bib necklace also with materials from the thrift store is this sequin number. Dollar Store Crafts' tutorial was inspired by a specific Anthropologie design. Heather used ready made sequin appliques but as she pointed out, you could design your own too. But then it won't be a cheater bib necklace!. You have to download the Crafts for the Knittin' Kitten ebook in her blog post for the full instructions (free).

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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