Just as there are wonderful examples of handmade jewelry artisans coming up with designs based on a common theme, top flight jewelers also rise to the challenge. I've written about Tom Binns' designs for Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  Swarovski also came up with their distinctly different designs. Now we have H.Stern's outstanding Alice in Wonderland rings. H.Stern Jewelers is a Brazilian company with international stores.

Their fantasy ring designs are based on the movie's gorgeous visuals. My favorite is their enameled Mushroom Forest ring above sprinkled with diamonds.

The snarky talking flowers were also featured in their noble gold  ring finished with a dark purple enamel. Small diamonds are in between the flowers. Noble gold is a H.Stern innovation - a lovely 18K gold alloy with a color that is somewhat between yellow and white gold. It's supposed to look good no matter what your skin tone is.

Their Cheshire cat design is most unusual as they feature it grinning from a tree! The H.Stern designers made it from gold dipped in blue enamel. They didn't miss a trick either as the cat's smile glows in the dark!

The bird topiary ring was a painstaking creation as each golden leaf covered with green enamel was individually soldered on.

Fantasy fans will love their black gold and diamond Jabberwocky dragon ring.


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