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Captured Keys - Wire Woven Designs by Original Sin Jewelry

I've seen jewelry designs featuring keys but none like the Skeleton Key Collection by Margaret Aden, the Louisiana based art jewelry artisan behind Original Sin Jewelry. She makes wire woven designs which often include artifacts like old keys. That's why she sells mainly to art galleries and museum shops.

She says "My passion for rocks, fossils and found objects permeates my work and inspires me recycle vintage and antique items (both natural and man-made) in many of my pieces." She not only uses wire weaving but other techniques like silver smithing as well as unique patina work. I especially loved the necklace design below so do check out her website!

In 2009, she was at the Emmy Awards Gifting. The video shows her being interviewed and there are views of her unique collection. When asked if there were "original sin" pieces she was not showing, she coyly said, there were none. But there were stories behind the designs which could only be divulged with tequila!

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Update :  Margaret wrote to let me know she is thinking of teaching her designs. So if you are interested and know of a venue, just drop her an email via her website!


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  1. wow..what an interesting new look..really love that cuff w/ the enclosed key!

  2. I love the pieces where the keys are completely covered, so they're more hinted at than showcased- very cool twist!

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  4. More innovative and beautiful designs from recycled objects--very inspirational!

  5. Love the keys which are hidden inside the wire. Magnificant!!


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