Using the Coiling Gizmo
Making coiled wire sections is really easy. They are a wonderful addition to jewelry designs. This is a super tutorial I found which shows how to make a simple coiled wire bracelet

The tutorial from  shows how to make coiled beads (follow the link they give) to form this bracelet.

See the two connecting loops in the middle of the bracelet? They are made from coiled wire too.

This lovely coiled wire necklace tutorial was created by Can't Stop Making Things. She explains how to use the coiling gizmo too.

Using the Wire Twister
Want a little more challenge, then try out the elegant twisted wire coiled bangle project below from the Lapidary Journal designed by Connie Fox. I've featured it before as it is such a good tutorial.  (Update : the link is no longer there but the picture should inspire! )

Two lengths of wire are twisted together before coiling. She used yet another tool called the wire twister to do the job.She then coiled the twisted wire around a thick wire. I don't have this tool but I do have pin vises. (see tutorial)

Using the Wire Twister
Easy to understand video tutorial from Beadaholique. 

Using the Artistic Wire Worker tool
I have a confession to make. I bought the coiling gizmo years ago and misplaced part of it. So I had to buy another coiling tool which I like a lot. The Artistic Wire Worker has several types of attachments including 2 sizes of mandrels for coiling.

First screw on the mandrel to the handle. Now secure one end of the wire through a hole and around the handle.

I hold on to the wire firmly as shown while turning the handle around to coil the wire.

Gently separate the coils at the lengths you want and cut!

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