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Spring Flower Necklace Tutorials

Spring is in the air! My crocuses have been out for a few weeks now. The yard is sort of cleaned up. The gardening season looms ahead. So let's celebrate that joyous season with some utterly lovely spring flower necklace tutorials.

Shown above is the gorgeous Anthropologie inspired silk flower, vintage button and duponi silk necklace by Terisa Brooks-Huddles from the Running with scissors blog. Her tutorial shows us how to stiffen and protect the silk flowers.

Bead Studio has some of the loveliest tutorials I have come across. I have featured a few before and this one spring flower tutorial deserves some attention.

Michaels the crafts store has some really delightful flower necklace tutorials.Not everyone likes fabric necklaces. So for the metal lovers, this lovely Budding Beauty tutorial should do the trick!

Far more elaborate is their Garden Party tutorial. Very romantic touch with the lace.

Jennifer VanBenschoten over at created this beadwork and ribbon Beauty of Spring necklace. Beaders rejoice!

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  1. Lovely spring pieces...the top necklace is just gorgeous and the tutorial for it is great!

  2. pretty! love the garden party one :)

  3. I love flowers! So I think flowers and jewelry just go together. Lovely!

  4. I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and have autumn crocuses and chrysanthemums in flower

  5. Bummer, the Michael's link doesn't work any more :-(

    But I can get the gist from the pic :-)

    Thanks again for you and your fab site, Pearl!

  6. Michaels changes their tutorials and links on a regular basis so yes, get the inspiration from the picture is the way to go with these old links.


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