Most of us with significant others can safely say our partners are supportive to varying degrees. Rarer are the couples who fully share the jewelry making passion. Andrew and Kimberley Kitchen are such a pair.

You couldn't find a more hardworking pair.   Two websites, blogs, Facebook, a forum and more recently an online handmade site of their own.  Throw in 2 young children and you'd agree their lives are very busy indeed.
Kimberley started off doing painted stem glassware. She then moved on to chain maille jewelry. Andrew also became addicted and joined her. He is the one who saw cuts all the rings. They began selling their wares online in places with Etsy and Artfire.

Then they set up their own websites - Makin' The Best of It (painted stem glassware and beach glass jewelry)  and Chain Maille by MBOI.  Kimberley said, "We hosted our own sites on our own servers and began learning how to sell online without using the major venues.

As their expertise developed, they started The Handmade Artists Forum and a companion blog so artisans could "gather and share information, techniques, and support for each other" no matter where they live.

A very recent venture is the The Handmade Artists Shop which grew from the Forum. The goal is to stay dedicated to handmade and not get cluttered with supplies, resale, and vintage products. They told me, "
The HAF shop as it is known is set up so the members of the forum have another option to sell their wares, most of our members sell on other venues as well but many are warming up to the shop as it is small and relatively manageable."

Let me tell you, that is quite an undertaking. The Kitchens work hard on the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote it. Kimberley devotes all her time to the business while Andrew works as an estimator in the construction industry. What an amazing couple.

Andrew told me he reads my blog posts. He added, "I read them all, waiting for the chance to be featured!" Well, Andrew, you finally got your wish!

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