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Many young girls and women love bling. With the prom season nearly upon us, why not bejeweled nails which sparkle like jewelry? They should go well with the eyelash bling I wrote about before! Actress Kate Perry showed off her diamond manicure below at last November's MTV European Music Awards.

A really easy and inexpensive way to deck out your nails for the next party is to dip your freshly painted nail tips into glitter. KlairedelysArt says in her video to remember to coat with another layer otherwise you will be a glitter bomb!

Want just a little sparkle? Then check out this video by mizpriya. The nail art is actually quite easy as all you have to do is apply a clear coat and quickly attach flat back rhinestones (also available in Swarovski) at the nail edges for that diamond look.  I must get the tool she's got as it looks so useful to glue flat back Swarovksi crystals on some of my jewelry designs.

For those who have the time and the ability to do more, check out the pure diamond nail tutorial by tesoja.


For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. Perfect timing for this post, Pearl, with proms coming up.

  2. Wow - I love the idea of dipping your nail tips in glitter - just wonder how easy it is to remove the next day!

  3. The glitter should remove as easily as the nail polish itself.

  4. I love nail bling! During the fall/winter I usually get acrylic nails and my nail lady is the bomb at creating awesome nail art. One year, I had a pink and white nail combo with a strip of red glitter (christmas time) at the spot where your nail bed meets the nail tip. It looked great...upclose. From a looked like maybe my nails were bleeding. Next time....used soft blue color!


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