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Bling Your Food with Esslack Food Spray!

I am not kidding when I say just about anything can be blinged out. Even food.  Thanks to the Esslack Food Spray, you can apply edible gold or silver paint on your food! Golden topped muffins. Silver pretzels. No need to shell out for large restaurant bills to get that luxury look.

You can get it from The Deli Garage where they sell it as food finish. It's currently out of stock probably because this item has been widely reported in the blogosphere.

You're also probably wondering if it is safe to eat. While I cannot comment on the propellants used in the spray as I do not know what they are, nearly pure gold (23K) and pure silver are edible and have been used in culinary recipes for centuries. They come as sprinkles, leaves or flakes as well as the latest spray form. But whatever the shape, the precious metals will just pass through your digestive system. Yep, you'll be flushing it all away.

There are different edible gold and silver preparations but may vary in availability depending on whether the manufacturers have sought FDA or EU approval for sale in countries with food safety regulations.

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Washington Post : Real gold garnish provides glittery wow or waste

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  1. Think I will stick to gold and silver for my jewlery. The only gold I am eating is Golden Delicious apples!

  2. Really?? Till now I've seen gold or silver sheets and powder for food but this is very interesting! Well, I don't think I'd eat that tomato...but It's cool!!

  3. So instead of the milk mustache, you'll have a bling stache?? :-)

    On a wedding cake, I can see this but everyday food...that'd be just to pretty to me to eat (a silver bling sprayed hotdog?) egads! :-)

  4. I wouldn't want to eat anything with precious metal either. I'd much rather have them in jewelry. But I agree about wedding cakes. The bling stache is funny, Stephanie!


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