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Aluminum Chain Charm Bracelet

I think charm bracelets are well named because they are charming. This one was Yvonne's first ever charm bracelet and what a pretty one it is too. She worked hard all afternoon during a workshop making wire loops and opening and closing lots of jump rings to put all the charms she wanted onto an aluminum chain bracelet.

She had glass pearls and beads mixed with fluorite gemstone chips for dangles. Her eclectic mix of feathers and Greek key charms all added to make this bracelet truly one of a kind. Aluminum chain is very light so Yvonne could wear this all day and not be bothered by the weight. It's also non-tarnish. Bonus!

Beader Design #: 607

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  1. Really pretty! I love charm bracelets and Yvonne did a great job!

  2. Really this bracelets looks so cute. Thanks a lot!

  3. I've seen findings, chains and jumprings in aluminum and was curious about how it would look with other silver colored components. After seeing Yvonne's bracelet it appears that aluminum works beautifully with other silver-toned findings.

    BTW - Yvonne's choice of charms and her handmade beaded dangles are adorable together. Bet she is getting a lot of usage out of her lovely creation.


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