I teach beginners so I recognise the challenges for those who are just starting out making jewelry. Two issues stand out for newbies - how to design and how to finish. It helps to be taught the "tricks of the trade" to save time and avoid being frustrated.

So if you are a rank beginner and can't come to our workshops, you may be interested in the book I just received from Kalmbach Publishing for review. It's The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry by Karin Buckingham.  A good beginner book is an excellent resource to have handy when you are working on your own.

It's one of the best beginner books I have seen. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who asked. Granted people learn differently - some prefer demonstrations, others classes with an instructor to bombard questions at. But for those who can work with books, I'd say this one does cover the basics and more. For the casual hobbyist, this book is probably sufficient.

The book is organized logically and includes designing tips. I noticed at the beginning of each project, at the top of the page, the objectives are laid out clearly. For e.g. "How to finish a multi-strand necklace and balance patterns". Another project had this, " How to measure and cut chain, attach dangles and attach a clasp".

There was however, one project finish I felt could be better. Although wrapping wire around the doubled up end of a flat suede cord at the clasp end is fine, it's hard to do it neatly with round cords. I would rather use a cone to hide the end or make coiled wire ends myself (see tutorial). However, it was just a small point in what is an excellent  book. The other cord projects were well done.

There was a range of techniques covered - multi-strand, charm bracelets, cords including adjustable closures basic knotting in between beads even a simple chain maille project. Some wire work was also included which should challenge a beginner - how to make ear wires and clasps. Click on the book link way above to see more preview pages.

One last word. Bead addiction is swiftly followed by jewelry making book acquisitions. So be warned!
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