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Macabre jewelry by Danielle Nicole Hills

Brooklyn based metal smith Danielle Nicole Hills more than pushes the envelope with her art jewelry. As she says in her ModelMayhem portfolio, " I create unique art jewelry and metal body pieces that combine elegant forms, theatrical flair, and a touch of brutality." She's not kidding either.

Her jewelry thesis exhibition earlier this year showcased her Gilding Primal Instinct designs - think hunter, executioner and macabre surgeon and you get a sense of the inspiration behind the character models.

Shown above are her handmade predator rings which are available either individually or as sets on her Etsy store. They are a much more predatory version of the nail jewelry I wrote about before.

Danielle fashioned a metallic lattice hood to sort of resemble the black hoods worn by executioners as masks.

More sinister is the chain and black mask design or face jewelry which also sports a representation of the executioner's axe blade at the back of the model's head. Body chains are also part of the design.

Macabre surgeon
This jewelry mask might be the stuff of nightmares if you dislike hospitals!

The medical sample ring is also available from her Etsy store.

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  1. This place has great jewelry resources for everyone.

  2. I admire the skill it takes to do that kind of jewelry but aesthetically - I don't get it.

  3. It's definitely theatrical . Considering how "unique" Danielle Nicole Hills' work is, I'm sure esty was clamoring to place it on their front page.
    I appreciate the work and the vision that Danielle puts into her creations, they certain make a statement however it's not exactly the statement I'd care to be making.


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