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How to Make a Textured Silver Bracelet in Under 3 Minutes

This video by 8mobeus8 really shows us how to make a simple textured silver bracelet in under 3 minutes ( video no longer available. Granted the metal smith had motorized tools for the polishing steps.  But the shaping, filing and hammering for the textured effect was still done by hand. He was so fast I couldn't get a screen capture without any blurs!

It's a marvel to watch and to realize one could do it too without fancy equipment. It'll just take longer. Although I dare say a Dremel will speed things up.

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  1. This is a neat post. I took a jewelry-making class in my home town through a local designer craft council and they had all the tools you need. You can rent space there after you take the class and use their equipment. This is a nice way to get experience without buying expensive equipment (or doing it slowly by hand!).

  2. Great video Pearl...I make those often and it takes me much longer than 3 minutes... :0)

  3. SistersToo Handcrafted Jewelery, Lessons and SuppliesMay 5, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    This is one guy I would pay by the hour. Wonder how long it would take him to wash windows.

  4. I've been making some similar bracelets out of hammered Galvanized Flashing from Home Depot. Looks awesome and very inexpensive. Would also like to make them with copper and silver. They really look great covered in polymer clay. Takes me a lot longer than three minutes though. That guy is fast!

  5. SistersToo - LOL! I'll bet he doesn't do windows!

    Cindy - the galvanized flashing is an awesome suggestion.

  6. Great video. I made one similar to this but I used a aluminum strip that I bought at Ace Hardware, and since you can't oxidize aluminum I took my black acrylic paint and dabbed it on then wiped off. The paint stayed in the recess textured areas. Now it has an antique look. I've had quite a few compliments on it.

    Oh before I added the paint I ran it through my tumbler for a couple hours. It came out with a beautiful shine.


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