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Kawamura-Ganjavian Earshell Jewelry helps you hear better

These novel concept bat wing ear shells are dual purpose. They are not only an innovative style of earrings but they also enhance sound by gathering in the sound waves.

The designers wanted to “improve our listening of music or opera.” Who knows? With a bit of bling, it might catch on. Perhaps at Halloween?

The designers come from Kawamura Ganjavian, the Madrid based architecture and design studio founded by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian.


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  1. Interesting - maybe for a Star Trek convention?

  2. Hmmmm...interesting to say the least, not sure how well they will be received though?


  3. maybe if they are painted and lightly shaped to look like animal ears :) that would be more fun

  4. they need some bling for sure, somehow this idea is growing on me, thanks Pearl for expanding the scope of the artform - peace

  5. Geez I don't know... I wish I could say I would be bold enough to wear those, but I think having to hear people's snickers and questions so nice and clear like that would be kind of hard to take... especially at an opera! :-)


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