Did you know sequin is the French form of the Italian word zecchino, the name given to a medieval Venetian gold coin?  The Italian form in turn originated from the Arabic sikka which meant coin. Gold coins were used for centuries as sequins especially in the Mediterranean countries. (Belly dancers still use a lot of coin like sequins). Sequins actually date back much earlier, to the sequin and bead adorned robes found in the tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamen.

Today, sequins are small, thin discs used to decorate clothing and accessories. Sequins are also a wonderful way to add variety to jewelry designs. If you've never considered using them, then check out these tutorials.

Britt Aboutaleb of Fashionista whipped up her sequin and leather Prada inspired earrings (above) and shared the tutorial. I chuckled when she explained why she came up with her DIY. She said, "Once we realized next month's rent wasn't optional, we gave up on buying the real thing". Bravo! Making your own is the way to go.

Jess Spear of The Beadin' Path has a tutorial which makes use of stacks of sequins. You could also use spacer beads between each sequin.

Erin over at the Patchwork Underground blog has one of the most fun and funky earring tutorials I have seen. For her design, she used rows of sequins.

Amy Carriere of MissAmy has two tutorials for a sequin DIY choker and easy peasy sequin bangle.

Katy over at Dirty Hems has a simple sequin applique necklace which manages to look like part of the t-shirt neckline!  Also check out the previous sequin bib necklace I wrote about in Cheater Bib Necklace tutorials.

Amanda Hinson who is the artisan behind Migoto Chou  has this cute Treasure Tube bracelet video that's sure to please younger jewelry fashionistas. Via

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